1031 Exchange

Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. was established to act as a qualified intermediary in transactions where a property owner desires to engage in a tax deferred exchange of real property.

A deferred exchange is simply a method for a property owner to defer a gain on the transfer of property. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code authorizes the use of deferred exchanges. The requirements of the Internal Revenue Code must be met in order for the owner to successfully defer tax on the transfer.

How can Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. help?

Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc.’s staff of attorneys works with a client’s legal and tax advisors to help develop successful exchange strategies. It also provides the necessary exchange documents that the client can use to successfully structure their deferred exchange.

Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. works with the escrow or closing agent selected by the parties for both the relinquishing of the property being disposed of and the acquisition of the replacement property.

While Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. will help develop the exchange strategy and documents, it encourages all of its clients to confer with their own legal and tax advisors to insure that they will receive the maximum benefits of a deferred exchange.


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