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Defer Taxes on Property Transfers Successfully with 1031 Exchanges

If you own property and decide to sell, under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, you can defer your capital gains taxes by using the profits from the sale to purchase another piece of property of equal or greater value. To help clients with these types of transactions, Surety Title Agency, Inc. established Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. to act as a qualified intermediary. This agency ensures that property owners meet the requirements listed under Section 1031 in order to defer taxes on the transfer successfully.

How Can Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc. Help?

Surety 1031 Exchange, Inc.'s attorneys work with your legal and tax advisors to develop successful exchange strategies. They provide the necessary documents you can use to structure the deferred exchange successfully; however, our attorneys encourage all clients to confer with their own legal and tax advisors to make sure they receive the maximum benefits. The attorneys also work with the escrow or closing agent selected by the parties for both the relinquishing of the original property and the acquisition of the replacement property.

Downloadable Forms

View and print any of the forms below using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Assignment and Assumption of Relinquished Property Assignment and Assumption of Replacement Property Contract

Exchange Agreement
Notice of Assignment